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Brooke Benninger ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Superstar Consultant


My Story

     Having a baby changes everything. Ask any mother about to go back to her J-O-B after maternity leave how she feels about returning to work and leaving her baby with someone else to care for. After I had my two daughters, I began to search for ways to be a "work-at-home Mom".  My cousin Michele had just signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant in Texas and when the company launched in Canada, she flew back to her "homeland" to introduce Scentsy to her Canadian friends and family. I hosted a group party to support her new business and was amazed at not only the products but the business opportunity as well. That night I took the plunge, signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant and have been happily growing my business ever since. I was excited that I could work during the girls’ naptime (on those blessed days that they actually took a nap!) and maybe even get out a couple evenings a week for Scentsy parties. My friends and family have fallen in love with Scentsy right along with me. My Mom signed up to be a consultant on my team and it is so great to be able to do this business together. And sharing the concept of "flameless, wickless candles" with the people we know has been pretty cool! If you love the smell of fragrant candles in your home, but do not want to risk burning your house down, flip through the online catalog and you will smile. Yes you can have that favourite scent in your house! All you need is a Scentsy warmer and your favourite bars! This opportunity came at a time in my life when I was looking for a change. Whether you are looking to replace an income or earn just a few extra dollars to do some "guilt free" shopping at the mall, send me a message and I would love to share this business opportunity with you. If you are looking to earn some free or half-priced Scentsy products, I can help tell you how. Thank you for reading my story and I look forward to sharing Scentsy with you! Without Scentsy, I would not be a “work-at-home Mom” and the best part is that my girls don’t even realize that I work!                                        I would love to help you reach your DREAMS too!  If you are interested in being a Scentsy Consultant, message me and let's work together to make it happen!!      <!--endbody-->   <!--endbody--><!--endbody-->

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